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Taizhou Jinda Bearing Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, is the earliest in the bearing blank production and processing enterprises, Taizhou With the advances in technology, facilities improvements, mainly engaged in the production of high precision shaft, The policy evaluation, awarded high-tech enterprises honor.

Taizhou Luqiao fine up bearing plant, the production of Class 0, Class 1, Class 3. Z2, Z3 group of bearings, bearing dozens of models. The product is widely used in car motors, precision instruments, electric car motors, mechanical equipment, gearbox, reducer, household appliances, medical equipment, its high-precision, low noise, long life and other advantages of praise by the customers.

The Jingda axis owners products reducer hollow shaft, splined hollow shaft electric motor shaft output (into) axis, as well as high-tech CNC machine tool belt spindle unit. On the basis of decades of production experience, to overcome technical difficulties, is now the production of spindle cell products, the parameters within 0.002mm. We produce CNC belt spindle unit is included in the ranks of high-precision products, truly alternative foreign spindle products, made ​​brilliant achievements in terms of precision, high speed, low noise.

Continue the research, innovation is a fine of consistent style, and now we are still sincere and simple manner, a professional quality to continue to promote the development of the mechatronics industry in China.